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Team Travel Caribbean are a sports tour company with over 20 years of experience. We first got our start alongside Sunny Isle Travel & Tours in 1993, with an office in the UK under the name Team Theme Travel that supplied the teams to travel to the Caribbean. It was during this time that premier division teams such as Aston Villa, QPR and Accrington Stanley — who were celebrating their centenary — were brought to Barbados to play against the National side as well as various rugby sides, including a team from Argentina.

After Sunny Isle Travel was sold by its parent company, we took the sports tour segment of the company and went out on our own as a small but motivated business based in Barbados. Using the contacts we had made with Team Theme Travel, Team Travel Caribbean continued to bring out touring teams to play sports or watch cricket.

In 2003, Team Travel partnered with the UK Civil Service Sports Council to bring participants to take part in the Barbados Challenge, a competition between the London and Barbados Civil Servants that has run continuously for 15 years and brought out over 2500 participants in more than 25 different sporting disciplines. It is envisaged that this event will one day be open to all civil servants in the UK, complete with a database of over half a million people. Then, the next step will be marketing the idea of the Barbados Challenge to the private sector in the UK for team building exercises in Barbados. We’ve also partnered with another UK tour company to promote the traditional market of cricket & netball tours from schools and clubs in the UK.

Team Travel have also acted as ground handlers for numerous sports tours from other companies. In 2014, we were appointed by the BTMI to manage the English cricket counties pre-season tournament in Barbados.

2012 brought the sports tours division to Barbados, where Team Travel UK Ltd was established. Armed with our ATOL licence, we began promoting sporting events in Barbados. As two directors working side by side, we believe in a very hands-on approach to all tours and events.With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we are one of the top sports tour experts in the UK!

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